Monday, August 15, 2005


Introduction to "Vote Them Out"

Welcome to the Vote Them Out blog site. This site was created to give a forum for discussing and organizing a movement to stop the re-election of the state and federal politicians who will never impose term limits on themselves. This lack of term limits has resulted in what is most likely one of the most corrupt governments on the planet. I am personally a registered Republican, but am coming more and more everyday to the conclusion that the power and corruption, that the two parties currently share in common, far outweigh their ideological differences. The only answer is to turn State Assemblies and Congress into a turnstile and get rid of the revolving door. This is the only way that Americans can take their government back. Whatever your ideology, when posting here, please be respectful of those who respectfully disagree with you. Anything else will not be tolerated.

I agree with you, actually....I advocate an absolute limit of service in ANY Federal elected office of 12 years. Any combination of Presidency, Senate membership, or House occupancy the person wants. Say, one term each in the House, Senate, and White House. And no 'reset' capacity. If Joe serves one term in the Senate and is voted out...he has six more years he can serve. Whether he goes and spends 10
years as a Governor or sits around eating Twinkies and doing public-speaking gigs....if he wants to run for Federal office again, he has only six more years he can be allowed to serve.

Its a simple concept. Twelve years neatly allows for a nice career at the top level of politics, allows for a person to take a shot at the next level and could let a person be quite senior after several House terms and get all the "plum" committee assignments. Yet it prevents having people just plunk down and be in Congress for 30 years, and it might even make the Senate almost non-corruptible.
First-term Senators have very little influence, and PACs and SIGs might not fork over hefty...campaign contributions for a Senator that will be of no use to them after the second term they would be helping him or her win.
Just imagine if a 12-year limit were in place now...would be be seeing Hillary in Congress? NO, not if that time were counting against her hoped-for White House
residency. And Teddy "Whiskey is our friend" Kennedy would be forced
to open a shop selling life preservers at Chippaquiddick to pay for his bar bill.
You agree me with me ? That's a scary thought. Your agreement wasn't prompted by political gain, pork barrel spending (I'm admittedly being redundant) or a desire to be agreeable? Don't tell actually think for yourself. Now that's a radical concept. You must be silenced at all costs. What about all the money being spent by the media and the government to tell you which side to be on and which issues are actually important? Does that mean nothing to you, you unpatriotic slime ? (calm down folks..that was sarcasm and doesn't violate my rules)
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